Reigning in Life (Poland YP's Conference 2015) Lyrics & Chords in Description
합창/ 교회 찬송
통영교회 2015-08-13 , 조회 (941) , 추천 (2) , 스크랩 (0)

1) The heavenly vision,
Concerning the function,
Of God's chosen people on Earth today,
Controls and directs us,
Restricts and perfects us,
To minister Christ and close this age!

Reigning in Life:
Being ruled by the Spirit,
Restricted and Limited,
Reigning in Life:
To bring in God's kingdom
and realise the kingdom life.

2) A time of confinement,
To seek the experience,
In being alone with our Lord today.
And speak forth with boldness,
The dreams of our father,
Discipling the nations to close this age!

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